One of the best ways to enhance our ventilated hardwood shelving is with premium cabinetry. Our wide array of cabinetry in 10 gorgeous colors lets you choose the options that will be best for your unique situation. 

Each of our lovely cabinetry units has several options, giving you more ability to make your closet one-of-a-kind. For each unit with drawers and doors, you can choose between a standard, solid ash front with a deco edge or an elegant raised panel front.



Here are some of options you can get with our cabinetry:

  • Tower Unit: choose between 4 or 5 drawers. With the 5-drawer option, the top two drawers are smaller and fit our deluxe jewelry insert perfectly. In addition, you can choose to have the drawer area hold a laundry hamper. 
  • Adjustable Shelving Unit: Two of the shelves on this popular unit can be replaced with steel baskets, either 11" deep or 6" deep.
  • Bench Unit: the area under the seat can either hold useful cubbies or 2 drawers. 
  • Dresser Unit: just like the Tower Unit, you can get this handsome piece with 4 or 5 drawers. 
  • Island Unit: with this premium unit, you can get cubbies or drawers. 

Let us help you add beauty and luxury to your closets while solving your practical organizing issues with our closet furniture.